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Our History

25 years of dynamism and innovation. Since it was founded, KONTATEC has always been dedicated to providing industrial equipment, geared to the needs of its customers, with innovative and revolutionary designs for the time.


KONTATEC pioneered the development of 100% National electrical contactors, with fully verticalized state-of-the-art technology, and soon supplied equipment to manufacturers of electric forklifts and tugs installed in the country.
It has also developed panels for electric trains, trolleybus-specific contactors and contactors for communication panels and UPSs.

In view of its expansion, KONTATEC has started

developing other products that are complements to the tug and forklift segment.
Three years has created speed controllers for these vehicles (the so-called "choppers") that control the rotation and torque of the forklifts and tugs.

During this period, the battery charge indicator was developed, which, being fully electronic, besides measuring the charge, prevented, by warning, that the battery runs out completely, preserving its integrity by turning it off.
The challenge now is to shrink existing battery chargers from today's in-vehicle technology.


This is Kontatec Industrial Systems, innovating and diversifying, to better serve you and your company with efficiency and dynamism.

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